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Beak's volumes! Parrot: Let's go Blue Jays

Everyone, meet Otis.
Otis is an African Grey parrot and he might be the biggest Blue Jays fan you will come across. You read that correctly, he's a parrot and loves to cheer on his favorite team.
Not only does he praise the Jays with the popular "Let's go Blue Jays" chant, but he even adds the clapping sound in between the cheer as you can see in the tweet below.  

"It took just a little over a week of us cheering the Jays [to Otis] and he started to pick it up," Otis' owner Lorraine told "He, of course, picked up the clucking part first. He now does it all of the time."

Lorraine and her husband have been Blue Jays fans since 1977, and they said they are currently teaching Otis the "Tulo chant." Otis' favorite player used to be Edwin Encarnacion, but he also loves Troy Tulowitzki and "to fly like Kevin Pillar."

Otis may be one of the biggest Blue Jays fans out there, but he now has a new fanbase of his own.