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The Blue Jays turned the tables and played pranks on Orbit before the game

Orbit's primary persona is that of the provocateur. The Astros mascot excels at pushing the buttons of typically staid professional baseball players to the point that they have to respond. Prior to the Astros' Wednesday afternoon game against the Blue Jays, the tables were turned on Orbit and it was the Blue Jays initiating the pranks on the mascot. 
It all started with Randal Grichuk and a baseball:

Grichuk's aggressiveness inspired Teoscar Hernández to join in the fun. With Orbit writhing on the turf, the outfielder sneaked in and ran off with the mascot's hat. It made a great gift to Blue Jays fans: 

Hernandez was just getting started. Like Grichuk before him, his next encounter involved a baseball. 

While Orbit probably flopped a little bit on that last offense from Hernandez, it was clear that he was unprepared for the players to initiate the pregame prank war. Next time the Blue Jays are in town, he'll be ready.