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The Cubs are sporting some sweet biker vests on their Easy Rider road trip to San Francisco

Photos via Jake Nesbitt / Real-Time Correspondent

Before we go any further, please click play on the below video:

OK, now we're ready. The Cubs, kings of the themed road trips, are heading out to San Francisco this week for a three-game set against the Giants. And before their 9-4 loss to the Nats on Sunday, manager Joe Maddon declared that their West Coast expedition would be Easy Rider-themed. A couple hours after the final out, we found out that was indeed the case.

The biker vests had nicknames for each player -- Mago, or Magician, for Javy Baez, Happer for Ian Happ, KB for Kris Bryant and so on. Javy should probably wear this outfit after every game:  



Pedro Strop looking like a natural:


Nobody's cooler than J-Hey:


And, of course, the Left-Hander: