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The Cubs bullpen celebrated Kyle Schwarber's home run by breaking into dance

The Cubs bullpen has spent 2017 implementing a new tradition of dancing to celebrate whenever the team does something big on the field. So, when Kyle Schwarber hit his first home run since returning from the Minor Leagues in the 4th inning of Saturday night's 4-2 loss to the Pirates, the relievers broke out their best moves.

This dance featured a good sampling of various styles. Carl Edwards Jr. showed off "The Worm" in the foreground. Koji Uehara was just downright giddy -- jumping around in joy like no one is watching. Héctor Rondón, despite arriving late to the party, brought a prop to add to the festivities.
Additional props go to the Beyonce "Single Ladies" interpretation that occured next to "The Worm", a timely callback to "Saturday Night Fever" on the left of your screen and, perhaps best of all, the bullpen coach's seated hands-in-the-air dance move in the background.
Though the Cubs did not win in the game, their bullpen undoubtedly had some fun Saturday evening -- and that's what really counts.