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For one night, the Durham Bulls will transform into the Durham Lollygaggers

One of the most iconic scenes in the annals of baseball cinema comes from "Bull Durham," when Durham manager Joe Riggins calls out his under-performing squad for their poor effort on the field. By throwing a tantrum in the clubhouse shower, he attempted to light a spark under his team by calling them, famously, a bunch of lollygaggers:

The point is, of course, that no one wants to be known as a lollygagger. But, on Friday, June 14, the Triple-A Durham Bulls will take the field as the Lollygaggers, in a possible attempt to reclaim the term:

If you can't wait until mid-June to get your Lollygaggers fix, you're in luck. You can order replica jerseys of two of the most famous original Lollygaggers -- Crash Davis (No. 8) and Ebby Calvin 'Nuke' LaLoosh (No. 37). 
Until then, we'll just have to wait to see whether the team decides to embrace their new name on the field or attempt to give lollygaggers everywhere a better name.