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The Mets discussed weddings, Christmas and team chemistry during their Facebook Live chat

Thursday morning, Noah Syndergaard, Jerry Blevins, Kevin Plawecki and Brandon Nimmo held court in the Mets clubhouse for a Facebook Live hangout with fans.
The session began with some current events as Nimmo recounted his offseason wedding and his honeymoon in Maui, Hawaii. As fate would have it, Nimmo ran into Travis d'Arnaud -- who was also honeymooning in Maui -- and the two Mets couples joined together for a romantic breakfast and a snorkeling excursion.

Back in New York City, however, life has been a bit more hectic for Nimmo. The simple act of grocery shopping amid the hustle and bustle of America's largest city proved to be overwhelming for the Wyoming native. Thankfully, grocery delivery services are available.

The session really spiced up during a Truth or Dare segment. Plawecki chose a dare and was forced to showcase his juggling skills. Maybe the pressure of the moment or a lack of adequate warmup was to blame for the performance, but, either way, it would seem that a career in the circus does not await him after baseball.

The session ended as all things involving Syndergaard seem to end: with an encounter with Mr. Met. Though the mascot seemed amenable to letting bygones be bygones, Thor wasn't as ready to end hostilities.

The offseason is still young, so plenty of time remains for Syndergaard and Mr. Met to reach some sort of peace agreement. Perhaps Thursday's encounter will be the start of a productive path forward for the two.