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The Mets have drafted the son of Biff Tannen

With the 560th pick of the MLB Draft on Wednesday, in the 19th round, the New York Mets selected Cal State Fullerton's Tommy Wilson. 

According to his college bio, he's a right-handed pitcher who went 6-0 in 12 starts this year with a 2.83 ERA and 78 strikeouts. He models his game after Clayton Kershaw and his favorite player is Bryce Harper. Oh, and he's also the son of Thomas Wilson -- the man who played the part of Biff Tannen in the "Back to the Future" movies:

Look at little Biff on the left. It's almost uncanny:

Thomas Wilson, aka Biff, (OK we're just gonna call him Biff) has even been cheering Tommy on at games for years. This is such a Biff Tannen way to cheer:
And he congratulated his son when the news came in about the Mets on Wednesday. Let's just hope Tommy's insults and hitting skills are a little bit better than his dad's: