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The Padres superlatives reveal there's always a joke surrounding Wil Myers

The offseason doesn't mean baseball isn't happening. There are trades, rumors and checking in on your favorite players to see what they've been up to during the winter months. Since we have all survived the Winter Meetings, it's time to spotlight some important information from the Padres … and that is their superlatives.
We have already touched on the Astros, and when it comes to the Padres, Yangervis Solarte would win pretty much every category according to's AJ Cassavell, including best dressed. But to be nice, he decided to give class clown honors to Wil Myers, who always seems to be surrounded by some form of joke. And if you need a DJ, Brad Hand is available for your next school dance:

Jordan Shusterman of Cespedes Family BBQ has all of Cassavell's tidbits for the superlatives in the clip atop this post. If you have any other suggestions on who else should be class clown (besides Solarte), leave them in the comments below.