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The Penguins brought the Stanley Cup to PNC Park and Sidney Crosby fired a first-pitch strike

Despite the power of #smashville and catfish, the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup in six games this weekend. It was their second consecutive title and their third in eight years. What was their first stop on their Stanley Cup victory tour on Tuesday? The beautiful PNC Park -- home of the Pirates:

Goalies hung out with catchers:

Cutch talked greatness with Phil Kessel - then went out and hit two homers in a 5-2 Pirates win:

And Sidney Crosby warmed up for his first pitch before the Bucs' game against the Rockies.

McCutchen talked to's Jonathan Toye about watching the Pens in the Finals:<o:p>
"I was locked in to the TV at home. I was able to watch it, able to see those guys get it in the third period. Scored a big goal and then have an empty-netter, and it went in. That was the icing on the cake. I was able to watch it. I enjoyed it. I just enjoyed watching those guys come together to be able to win another one. It's cool stuff, man." <o:p>
And about seeing the Cup in the clubhouse:
"It's awesome, it's the Stanley Cup, man. It's a big deal. Yeah man, it's going to be great to be able to see some of the guys, see the Stanley Cup too. Kiss it, if I can for some good luck. I am looking forward to those guys being here. They deserve everything they have coming for them. They are an amazing team, they have shown that over the years. They are a powerhouse. They are a fun team."<o:p>
Manager Clint Hurdle even let his son stay up to watch the historic moment.<o:p>
"Seeing the cup never gets old. It will jazz up the players. I actually had a few players text me toward the end of the game, we had a little running thread going. that was kind of cool. I stayed up. (My son) Christian stayed up. I watched the game. Christian hung out. He liked watching the skate around at the end more. The presentation of the trophy. It will be good to see coach (Mike) Sullivan tonight as well. He is coming by."
Finally, it was time for Sid the Kid to deliver from the mound. Of course, it was a strike right down the middle. 

Perhaps Pittsburgh's championship fever inspired the Pirates to their fourth straight win. Pens players thoroughly enjoyed the victory and Cutch's two home runs.