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The Phillies brought in Eagles center Jason Kelce in for a speech because they want to #BeBold

Entering the 2018 season, the Phillies know that not many analysts are going to pick them to reach the postseason. So, they've entered Spring Training with a determination to take the National League by surprise.

To do that, they're drawing inspiration from the Philadelphia Eagles -- their South Philadelphia neighbors who won the Super Bowl despite being underdogs in each playoff game. On Monday, Eagles center Jason Kelce spoke to the team:

That Kelce knows a bit about being bold is definitely an understatement. Here's Kelce addressing Eagles fans less than two weeks prior to his speech in the Phillies' clubhouse:


In the video above, Kelce talked about the similarities he sees between the Eagles team that just won the Super Bowl and the 2018 Phillies. If he's right, one of the players who heard him speak today may be asking to borrow Kelce's Mummers costume in a couple months' time.