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The Phillies' Nick Williams pulled off a mind-bending slide that probably shouldn't be possible

Nick Williams made his Major League debut this year for the Phillies. In 57 games, the 23-year-old has showed off some of the power that's been long talked about -- compiling eight homers and a .472 slugging percentage in 214 at-bats. But during Monday's Phillies-Mets game, Williams showed off another tool that Philadelphia fans may not have known about the outfielder: a mind-bending swim slide for his first career steal. You can watch the GIF 10 to 20 times below and you still might not understand how he did it.

Give us all of your magic, Nick.
Unfortunately, this being baseball and a wonderfully-weird game, Williams was later tagged out to end the inning while backward-somersaulting to second base. Not quite as smooth as his original slide.

May young Nicholas find more of the prior than the latter during the rest of his big league career.