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The Red Sox (and Phillies) pulled off a very bizarre double play

Let's get weird, shall we?
Monday's Phillies-Red Sox game included a strange double play in the top of the third that resulted in some bizarre rundowns. Here's what happened.
Carlos Santana hit a grounder to third baseman Eduardo Núñez, who threw it to catcher Sandy Leon. This caused Rhys Hoskins to get caught in a rundown. While this was going on, Odúbel Herrera thought he might be able to take advantage of the situation -- well, that didn't quite work out the way he wanted:

Herrera was tagged at third by Xander Bogaerts -- who had moved in to cover third -- Bogaerts then threw to Nunez, who was covering home and, yep: Hoskins was out. That's 5-2-6-5 on the score sheet. Talk about a team effort by the Red Sox.