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The Red Sox put their World Cup allegiances on display for their road trip

Photo: @Hvelazquez38

You've probably heard, but the World Cup started on Thursday and the action has already been captivating, with upsets and excitement aplenty. It's no wonder that everyone seems to be catching World Cup fever.

Count the Red Sox among those caught up in the thrill of it all. Following Sunday's 9-3 win over the Mariners, the players put their allegiances on display as they boarded the buses for the road trip to Minnesota.

Of course, many were feeling Iceland after its surprising draw against Argentina:

Sandy Leon's native Venezuela didn't qualify for the tournament, so he's supporting neighboring Colombia:

The referees were surprisingly well represented in the road trip delegation.

While only one nation will emerge victorious, the referees are the only sure thing to reach the finals. If the Red Sox were trying to pick a winner, it looks like a lot of them made a pretty safe bet.