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This Royals fan showed off some of the smoothest dance moves you will ever see

Here at Cut4, we have introduced you to many of your spirit animals.

There was the adorable young Ryan Zimmerman fan who stuffed her face with pizza and sported a crown, a literal unicorn man and this time around, you can add a dancing fan to the list.

But this isn't just any dancing fan.

During the Royals-Mariners game on Sunday, a fan was caught getting his groove on in the stands. "Getting caught" may not be the most appropriate term since he seemed to have no problem showing off his dance moves. His boogie was so impressive, in fact, that he got the attention of the broadcasters who were gushing with jealousy. And can you blame them?

The crowd adored his twisting motions to get it started.


And he finished it off with a "swinging bat" move.


Always dance like nobody's watching, but if we are lucky enough, we get to capture those moments.