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The rumors are true, MLB Network's own Eric Byrnes once sacked Tom Brady three (!!!) times

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The athletic abilities of Tom Brady have never left us disappointed. Even when he lost to the Eagles (and Mike Trout), 41-33, on Super Bowl Sunday, he put up some gaudy numbers. The Patriots quarterback has lived a career so filled to the brim with accomplishments that even the most outstanding athletes can only dream of reaching his heights. But did you know MLB Network's own Eric Byrnes once, well … sacked Brady, three times?

It's true.

In a high school football matchup between Byrnes' St. Francis Lancers and Brady's Serra Padres back in the '90s, Byrnes' brag-worthy moment against the quarterback went a little something like this:

He showed the ways he sacked Brady in the only way you expect to have a story told by the former outfielder.

Oh, and in that game, the Lancers defeated the Padres, 62-6.

Let's hope the cardboard cutout recovered OK.