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The Mets debuted the salt and pepper, their celebration for 2018

When the Mets signed Todd Frazier this offseason, most people assumed the thumbs-down celebration would travel to Queens right along with him. After all, it was a Mets fan's use of the gesture that sparked the meme.
Like most assumptions, that one was incorrect. Instead of re-appropriating the thumbs-down, the Mets created a celebration they can call their own. During Thursday's 9-4 win over the Cardinals, the Mets unveiled the salt and pepper:

According to the New York Post, the idea originated with first-base coach Ruben Amaro Jr., and the team ran with it.
It's popular with young players like Amed Rosario:

Frazier even abandoned the thumbs-down for the salt-and-pepper:

Why are they grinding salt and pepper as a celebration? Brandon Nimmo has an answer. "We're just adding a little seasoning to the offense," he told the NY Post. After putting up nine runs on Opening Day, the offense already seems to be well-seasoned.
[h/t: NY Post]