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Thumbs-down guy showed his Opening Day joy with a thumbs-up emoji

Last fall, then-Yankee Todd Frazier drew the disappointment of a Mets fan attending a game between the Rays and Yankees at Citi Field when he hit a three-run home run. The fan's thumbs-down gesture became a meme, as such things do, and Thumbs-Down Guy (aka Gary Dunaier) became a notable cultural figure in his own right.
When Frazier signed with Thumbs-Down Guy's Mets this offseason, the two made amends.
On Thursday, the Mets opened their season at Citi Field against the Cardinals. During the sixth inning, Frazier recorded his first hit in a Mets uniform -- a single to left field. That got Frazier's former nemesis to change his tune:

With Frazier and Thumbs-Up Guy united in purpose for 2018, it appears that the latter has turned his thumbs-down upside down. In that case, expect plenty of thumbs-up at Citi Field this season.