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Theo Epstein reminded Yale's Class of 2017 that 'if you look hot, wear it'

Theo Epstein graduated from Yale in 1995. As befits his status as "World's Greatest Leader," he joined the ranks of such luminaries as Joe Biden, John Kerry and Tom Hanks by returning to the campus to speak at Class Day.
He tossed at least one Maddon-ism into his speech, telling students, "if you look hot, wear it." As you can see above, they seem to have anticipated the remark, since at least one third of them appear to be wearing emoji hats.
He also retold the story of the Cubs' epic World Series victory, and spun it into a life lesson for graduating seniors:
… We all have our rain delay moments. There will be times when everything you have been wanting, everything you have worked for, everything you have earned, everything you feel you deserve is snatched away in what seems like a personal and unfair blow. This, I will tell them, is called life. But when these moments happen, and they will, will you be alone at your locker with your head down, lamenting, divvying up blame; or will you be shoulder to shoulder with your teammates, connected, with your heads up, giving and receiving support?

Read the full text of his speech here