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These great catches transformed the Nationals Park stands into a highlight reel

The off-field action in Wednesday night's Braves-Nationals game got underway in the top of the first inning when Braves third baseman Rio Ruiz roped a foul ball deep into the left field corner.

Having brought his glove to the park, this fan came to play. His glove and his leap may well have saved less-equipped fans from ducking for cover.
The spectacular off-field catches didn't end in the first. Rio Ruiz returned to the plate in the 5th inning and, once again, hit a hard line drive foul toward the left-field corner. This one was on track for a kid enjoying an evening snack ... until the ballgirl intervened.

Sure, she was just doing her job. But, she did it well.
The Braves ultimately won, 13-2, but the folks off the diamond put on their own show.