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These were our 10 favorite ballpark foods from MLB FoodFest

For the first time ever, MLB fired up MLB FoodFest, bringing ballpark food items from all 30 teams to NYC for an unforgettable culinary showcase.
We went around and tried all 30 of the dishes, and our stomachs are full and we're going to go nap now. But my-oh-my we noshed and noshed to our hearts' content. All in all, our time at FoodFest was a never-ending dream of fried, BBQ-sauced, cheesy, ballpark food goodness. Here are our 10 favorite items we sampled during our FoodFest experience. 
Los Angeles Dodgers - Cheeto-Lote
A spicy twist on a Mexican classic. The Flaming Hot Cheetos were "fire emoji" -- not quite as hot as Game 1 of the World Series last year or The Grill, but still pretty close.

Baltimore Orioles - Chesapeake Waffle Fries
You know you're from Maryland if your Chesapeake Waffle Fries are actually 20% waffle fries and 80% Old Bay. These were a particularly delicious snack, maybe even the type of thing you could eat 2,131 days in a row.

Seattle Mariners - Toasted Grasshoppers
Yeah, you read that right. It wasn't our first time throwing back some of the finest and crunchiest insects Safeco Field has to offer, but consuming toasted grasshoppers isn't really something that gets old. Crispy, salty and not nearly as weird as you'd expect. We highly recommend this offbeat delicacy.

Texas Rangers - Chicken and Donut Slider

Kansas City Royals - Brisket-Acho
Of the four Nacho-related options available at FoodFest, this one was probably our close favorite. You see brisket on nachos from time to time at the ballpark, but the real separator on the Brisket-Acho was the cheesy corn. Definitely the type of royal meal that would pair perfectly with some Mike Moose-tacos.

Atlanta Braves - Pig Pickin'
This was one of the most colossal things we've ever put in our bodies. The Pig Pickin' is basically a big taco salad, except it's filled with a variety of delicious items that you normally wouldn't put in a taco salad like mac n cheese, pulled pork, curly fries and coleslaw. And, if that wasn't enough food, it comes with a side of pork rinds.

Miami Marlins - Bacon Wrapped Plantain
Probably the most unique item available at FoodFest, the Marlins' offering was an awesome change of pace from the other BBQ'ed and fried dishes we tried. "Wrapped with Bacon" is a good start to any meal and these plantains did not disappoint. The best baseball-plantains sinceFernando Rodney.

Los Angeles Angels - Pork Katsu
The storyline of the Angels' season so far has been the incredible performance of dynamic two-way baseball man Shohei Ohtani. But Ohtani isn't the only marvelous thing that the Angels brought in from Japan this season, as their Pork Katsu dish is a Japanese classic as well.

Milwaukee Brewers - Cheddar Beer Bratwurst
If we had to describe the state of Wisconsin in three food words, we'd probably go with "cheddar", "beer" and "bratwurst." How convenient that the Brewers put all three of these Wisconsin wonders into one mouthwatering bite. 

Arizona Diamondbacks - Churro Dog
It's fitting that the only dessert at FoodFest came from the desert. But while the Churro Dog was the only dessert, it was basically like six desserts in one, seeing that it featured (1) a Churro, (2) frozen yogurt, (3) chocolate sauce, (4) caramel, (5) whipped cream all stuffed inside of (6) a donut. And yes mom, we waited until after dinner to have dessert.