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An Astros Minor League team is challenging fans to eat a massive 6-pound burger in 60 minutes for $60

Attention people who enjoy challenging themselves by eating giant amounts of food: The Corpus Christi Hooks, Double-A affiliate for the Astros, have created the Dallas Keuchel Smoke Stack 60. It's a six-pound burger made up of sourdough bread, prime rib, brisket, sausage, onion rings, mac and cheese, cole slaw, pickles and lots and lots of bacon:

The challenge? You have 60 minutes to devour the entire thing. If you do, you get $60 ... and a stomach that will most likely look like this.

If you prefer to eat a burger and not do it for money, the Smoke Stack Jr. is available at the stadium for $14.50. Godspeed, burgerheads.