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The throwback uniforms we'd love to see from American League teams in 2017

Jerry Seinfeld has famously said that rooting for teams is like rooting for laundry. But every now and then, those uniforms need to be laundered. And what is to be used in its place? Throwback uniforms. 
Today, let's look at a throwback uniform that we think every team in the American League should unveil in the near future. Click here for the NL
Baltimore Orioles - 1901 away

(courtesy of Marc Okkonen)
All black, including black pants, with just a hint of yellow in the belt and socks? Johnny Cash would be proud.
Boston Red Sox - 1908 home

The Red Sox are a marvel of uniform consistency. Save for a brief flirtation with a pullover in the '70s, and their current red alternates, the team's uniforms have barely changed since 1933.
Because there isn't a bevy of strange options in their past, they absolutely need to wear the 1908 uniforms, which the team wore in 1997. Sure, sure, it's nice that Cy Young wore it and, yeah, the hockey sweater-style laces are cool, but there's a giant red sock on the front. Now is the time for literalism. 
Chicago White Sox - 1932 home

It's shocking that this one hasn't become a standard look for the Sox. After all, the 'O' is represented by a baseball and the 'X' is made by crisscrossing bats. Now they just need to find a way to make the 'S' out of the hose they use to wet down the infield.
Cleveland Indians - 1975 home

Bright colors, polyester double knits and even an elastic waistband -- this look, which the Tribe wore for three years, embodied just about every baseball fashion trend of the '70s. Even the mustaches looked just that much more glorious:

These jerseys were even witness to some history: The 1975 Indians were coached by player/manager Frank Robinson, who became the first African American skipper in MLB history. Cleveland dusted this look off for a game back in 2004, but with a font like that, 13 years is far too long.
Detroit Tigers - 1928 home

If you can put this beast on the back of the jersey, how can you not do it?

Houston Astros - 1994 alternate

After style icon Jeff Bagwell joined teammate Craig Biggio with his election to the Hall of Fame, it's time to go back to this peak '90s look.
The team wore the home jersey for a throwback night in 2012, but not the blue alternate that lasted for only one year. With the italic font, gold trim and a logo made for a Saturday morning PSA, this is the best way to honor two of the best to ever play for the team.
Kansas City Royals - 1995 road

The Royals have one of the nicest uniform sets in baseball. Currently utilizing a script on all their uniforms, their road jerseys used to have some nicely kerned block letters. As was the trend at the time, the team paired that jersey with a gray cap.
After fully embracing their sky blue days in recent years, it's time to dust off this monochrome set.
Los Angeles Angels - 1902 home

Long before the Angels made their debut as a Major League team in 1961, the club had a long history in the Pacific Coast League. They were even the first to use the interlocking 'LA' logo now associated with the Dodgers.

They weren't always known as the Angels though. At times, they were called the Seraphs or, as when Rube Waddell wore these fashionable black collared jerseys, the Los Angeles Looloos.
We deserve to see Looloos in a box score again.
Minnesota Twins - 1924 Senators

Before they were the Twins of Minnesota, they were the Senators of Washington. Though the Sens struggled throughout their playing history, their uniforms were on point.
They even managed a feat almost wholly unique to the club: Their logos were on the sleeves, not the front of the uniform. The Nationals wore the home version of these jerseys in 2012, but given that the '24 team wore pinstripes resembling the current Twins' home uniforms, this is the obvious choice. Plus, there are some pretty sweet baseball sweaters that the team could dig out of the mothballs, too.
New York Yankees - 1908 Highlanders

(Library of Congress)
Not only are the half-button jerseys, with an 'N' on the left and a 'Y' on the right, a good look, but the caps are a ready-to-return black pillbox.
Even better are the pregame jackets the team wore. It's like seeing a group of early 20th-century circus ringmasters. Perhaps they could petition the league to let them use them on the field, too.
Oakland Athletics - 1973 alternate

Despite being the color of the grass, the trees and the little alien in "The Flintstones," green is an underused color in most major sports. The 1973 A's tried to make up for that single-handedly when they had an all-green uniform. Sadly, it lasted only one season and was rarely worn that year. The team has worn the all-yellow uniform, so why not go green? 
Seattle Mariners - 1997 alternate

After bringing back the teal jerseys, and with their blue-and-yellow Sunday uniforms hearkening back to the late '80s, there is only one option left: Sleeveless. We aren't just saying this because showing off the biceps is great, but because of the cap that was occasionally worn with it.

It was mostly used as a Spring Training cap, but what other team can claim a secondary logo that is really just a modern, simplified version of the 'real' logo? Embrace modern art. Embrace this cap. 
Tampa Bay Rays - 1998 alternate

Oh, how we took the Devil Rays for granted. Here was a team named after demonic aquatic life, with a jersey that just screamed '90s with its multi-colored gradient logo. Instead of fawning all over it and buying up every jersey for sale, we simply let it pass us by.
Let's bring it back. Please.

Texas Rangers - 1983 home

Look familiar? It should. The Rangers only wore this for one year, but the placement of the Texas logo essentially made this a draft of the Blue Jays' jerseys to come. (At that time, the Blue Jays logo was placed at the center of the jersey, not the lower right.)
Plus, it really emphasized the state of Texas, and we all know how much Texans love their state.
Toronto Blue Jays - 1955 Maple Leafs

The Blue Jays have already begun incorporating more maple leaves into their uniforms, going with a red uni to highlight their status as Canada's team. Why not honor both the country and the Minor League history of the region with this uniform?