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Listen to Michael Fulmer explain how he ended up working as a plumber in the offseason

Last November, Tigers starter and 2017 All-Star Michael Fulmer revealed that he had a pretty unusual way of spending his time during the offseason: He worked as a plumber in his native Oklahoma. From the Detroit Free Press:
"He was in backyards around the Oklahoma City area digging ditches and changing sewer lines. Replacing old Orangeburg pipes with new PVC pipes. In basements exchanging water heaters, in kitchens replacing sinks and faucets, in bathrooms fixing leaky toilets."
As you might imagine, the Cespedes Family BBQ guys were eager to catch up to Fulmer during All-Star Week to talk about his offseason occupation. The righty first got into the profession through his friend's uncle while in Double-A back in 2015, and he now works about four days a week in the winter.
It's made him a lot handier with tools around the house, and as you can hear in the clip above, it also doubles as a decent workout. "It's a good way to keep moving," Fulmer said, "it even involves squats."
Giant tires, installing pipe, whatever works.