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White Sox fulfill their 'one per month or so' quota with third triple play of 2016

Triple plays are supposed to be rare, but the White Sox have seen a flurry of them already this season.

Friday night's game against the Braves brought with it the third time they've successfully pulled one off in 2016, which is somewhat crazy to comprehend. This one involved shortstop Tim Anderson and first baseman Jose Abreu, and came at the peril of Freddie Freeman:  


Even the team couldn't really process it at first:

This 6-3 triple play was impressive, albeit not nearly as convoluted as the ridiculous 9-3-2-6-2-5 scenario that unfolded back on April 22:


The second, which took place on May 18, was a bit more straightforward, as it was of the around-the-horn 5-4-3 variety: 


You might be there thinking, "Hmm, I imagine three triple plays in a season is hard to do." And you'd be correct: 

A quick glance at the calendar reveals that the ChiSox are essentially making good on the prospect of a "once a month" triple play, give or take a few days, which presents the realistic chance of more in the coming months. 

We'll allow it -- and we'll all be on the lookout for their fourth, which seems all but an inevitability at this point. 

And by the way ... as weird as three triple plays is, Chicago even pulled one off in Spring Training, too!


There's just no explaining this phenomenon, other than maybe the statement that baseball is exceptionally odd.