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Tim Beckham punctuated his first home run of the season with an exquisite bat flip

The first game of the Opening Series at the Tokyo Dome was a slugfest with home runs left and right and even a grand slam to add to the power display.

Mariners shortstop Tim Beckham wasn't the first player to hit a home run on Wednesday and he didn't have enough runners on base in front of him to hit a grand slam. But that didn't stop him from making his home run memorable. That's because he unleashed a gloriously flippy bat flip as the ball left the yard.

For your pleasure, here it is on loop for 30 consecutive seconds:

Now, it probably wasn't Beckham's bat-flip skills that inspired the Rays to take him first overall in the 2008 Draft. But, we can all agree that those very skills made that pick very much worth it.