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We can all relate to Maikel Franco's bewildered reaction to a bat flying past him at third base

You ever see something that just does not make sense, causing you to distrust your own eyes?

Is it an illusion? Are you actually asleep, or is this something that is happening for real?

All of these questions are conveyed in third baseman Maikel Franco's face as Todd Frazier's bat slipped from his hands on a swing in Monday night's Mets-Phillies game, spinning and flying down the third-base line ... right in front of Franco, who stared on in shock and confusion:

I've totally had that expression on my face at one point or another. You have too, no doubt. Like when you look over at the car next to you in traffic and it looks like a dog is driving ... only because the driver is reaching down for his phone or something and the angle of where the dog is in the car makes it look like ... you get what I'm saying.

Or you don't. Maybe you're reading this piece with the same kind of bewildered look Franco had as Frazier's bat bounded past him at third base. I don't know. I do know it was an amusing sequence.

Does this count as a bat flip for Frazier, by the way? Hmm ... so many questions, no real answers.