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Tony La Russa and Chris Russo did not hold back in their Hall of Fame debate about Harold Baines

The weekend election of White Sox legend Harold Baines to the Hall of Fame has sparked plenty of discussion about whether his 22-year career stacks up to the other Cooperstown greats. One of the main topics of these debates has been that he was chosen via a smaller Eras Committee rather than the typical BBWAA ballot. Baines' best showing among the writers was a tiny 6.1% in 2011, but 12 out of the 16 members of the Today's Game Era Committee voted for Baines on Sunday, clinching his spot.
Hall of Fame manager Tony La Russa was one of the 12 committee members who voted for Baines, and to defend his vote on Wednesday, he appeared on Chris Russo's "High Heat" program. Russo didn't think that Baines was worthy of election, frequently going back to the point that Baines rarely earned award consideration or led his league in any offensive categories while also noting that La Russa and the other committee members' personal connections to Baines seemed to give him an unfair advantage.
La Russa stood by the committee's results, insisting that there was no cronyism involved and that Baines' high total of game-winning RBIs and career hits were more than enough to support his case. "I used to watch you because I thought you knew the game," said La Russa. "I'm gonna start nicknaming you 'Clueless.'"
Watch the clip for yourself and let us know who you think won the debate.