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Former teammates Tony Wolters and Nick Hundley got upset with each other, but made up

Catchers are a fraternity. Sometimes they disagree. The Giants' Nick Hundley and the Rockies' Tony Wolters didn't see eye-to-eye for a few moments Saturday afternoon.
In the top of the fourth, Hundley raced home from second on Gorkys Hernández's single. Rockies right fielder Carlos González tried his best to throw to the plate in time to beat Hundley, who is a catcher and runs like one. Wolters, as catchers often do, pretended there would not be a throw in order to trick the runner into a false sense of security.
The throw was late. Wolters had his foot right on the baseline -- maybe not enough to be considered blocking the plate illegally. Hundley didn't slide, and collided shoulder-to-shoulder with Wolters.

The two shared the catching duties for the Rockies last season, but that didn't stop Hundley from looking over his shoulder and staring Wolters down as he walked slowly toward the dugout. Hundley even delayed to make sure their eyes met angrily.
But catching is a fraternity and brothers don't stay mad for long.

Wolters offered a fist-bump when he came to bat in the bottom of the fourth, and all was well. His Rockies ended up winning, 5-1.
Lest there be any confusion, Wolters told's Thomas Harding after the game that, "We're good. I texted him, told him I'm sorry. I was just trying to deke him as long as I could and he bumped me a little bit."