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Topps' new Opening Day set features unique team celebrations, like The Freeze and the Racing Presidents

The Freeze defeated former pitcher Paul Byrd and was challenged by the Indians' Bradley Zimmer to a foot race last season. While we've yet to see him enter the game as a pinch-runner, he now has something nearly as good: His very own baseball card. 
Topps released its newest Opening Day set on Wednesday. And this year, there's an insert series called Team Traditions & Celebrations, that includes things like Seattle's King's Court and Wrigley Field's "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." 
Or, in the case of The Freeze, he's now forever frozen as he smokes another fan that had the hubris to take him on: 

Of course, if you prefer giant old men running around, then this is the card for you: 

Or perhaps you just like to celebrate homers. Then the Mets' big apple -- named because New Yorkers love to eat apples (No? That's not the reason?) -- is the one you should look for: 

The set is in stores now.