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With the wind whipping his hair, Travis Jankowksi made an amazing diving snow-cone catch

It's a simple fact: Long hair makes you faster. Just like racing stripes and those light up shoes from the early '90s, long, flowing locks give you an extra burst of pace. The Padres' Travis Jankowski needed that boost in the Padres' 3-2 victory over the Giants on Tuesday night. 
In the bottom of the sixth inning, Evan Longoria hit the ball into right field and had his eyes on extra bases. After all, this was no easy catch -- with the wind whipping at 18 mph and the ball fluttering like some kind of projectile butterfly. Thanks to the long hair, though, Jankowski was able to chase this one down. 

Just look at this -- Jankowski's hair is basically his super hero cape carrying him through the air: 

So, the next time you think you need a haircut, remember this and think again.