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Travis Wood refused to move out of a foul ball's path and learned his lesson -- or did he?

To most baseball fans, Travis Wood is a left-handed reliever and spot starter, known for his two seasons with the Reds or, perhaps, his current tenure with the Cubs that began in 2012. 
He's much more than a valuable pitcher, though. He's also a left fielder, capable of making highlight-reel catches. And he also might be a ... Jedi? 
In Wednesday's Brewers-Cubs matchup at Wrigley Field, Wood's wizardry was on full display along the left-field line. Apparently, the members of Chicago's bullpen have a thing going where they don't get out of the way of a foul ball headed in their direction. One has to assume that's a bit of a challenge, a way of asking each other, "What'll it take for you to bail?"
Wood didn't bail on this one, but it might not have even hit him anyway? It's really all quite confusing: 

Did that ball redirect itself right before reaching the bullpen? Or did it somehow crash off that orange cooler, creating a wild optical illusion? Either way, we're impressed. That penguin's doing a great job motivating him this season.