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Trayce Thompson channeled his NBA-playing brother Klay with a leaping, HR-robbing catch

Trayce Thompson was recently reunited with his Golden State Warriors-playing brother, Klay, when the outfielder signed with the A's last week. Both are now in the Bay Area and, as good brothers are wont to do, they're living together in the same Oakland house.

Along with probably setting up bunk beds in their new room, it seems that Klay has taught Trayce some of his NBA jumping abilities. Because during Wednesday's A's-Dodgers game, Thompson went way up high to rob Yasiel Puig of a three-run home run:

Even Puig, who was mid-bat flip, had to give some props to Trayce:

The bench was just a little bit excited.

Khris Davis talked to's Jane Lee about the play postgame.
"Awesome. Just fantastic. I think he might have bigger hops than his brother after watching that. That was nice."
And, of course, Klay posted a video in support of his brother: