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Mike Trout homered shortly after his young fan was interviewed 

Imagine only knowing baseball with Mike Trout -- there is no "before Mike Trout" in your memory banks. That's the case for a 7-year-old Angels fan named Gavin Edelson, who took in Friday's Angels-Orioles game in Baltimore with his family.

But he didn't just go to the ballpark and watch his hero from afar. No, Gavin had the type of day that young fans dream about, the kind of baseball experience that doesn't even seem possible ... all thanks to Trout.

As his dad explains in the clip below (and's Jeff Passan also detailed), Gavin's time with Trout began during a previous trip to Camden Yards to watch a game. Gavin brought a sign for Trout that he displayed during their pregame time on the field in a game last season, and that's when things took a turn into the surreal: Trout invited him out onto the actual field for batting practice and a whole lot more.

Trout homered for Gavin that day, and the kid couldn't wait for him to return to Baltimore in 2019.

Prior to Friday night's game, history repeated itself as Gavin met his hero on the field once more and received one of Trout's bats. Gavin then asked Mike to hit a home run, again ... and Trout obliged, right after Gavin was interviewed in the stands.

That's next-level.

This is all pretty wild to think about. Essentially being friends with your absolute favorite player and getting this kind of access.

It's one thing for a player to start playing catch with you in the stands -- which is also pretty wild, don't get me wrong -- but all this special one-on-one time? I have chills, and you probably do too.

This is what it's all about, really.