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Mike Trout (probably) robs a home run on Mike Trout-robbing-a-home-run figurine night

Fans attending Friday's Orioles-Angels game got to take home a very important piece of plastic: A Mike Trout bobblehead featuring the center fielder with the winged feet of Mercury and the strapping neck like Gaston going high above the wall to rob a home run.

So, with life imitating the art that's imitating life, Mike Trout robbed another home run. After Joey Rickard had already homered in the first inning, he made a bid for another in the top of the second. But this time, Trout was there. 

And sure, this one may not have looked as good, but it's not Trout's fault that Rickard's fly ball was more of a wallscraper than a towering boomer aimed toward the heavens. He simply has to work with what he's given. 
This does give us high hopes for some upcoming giveaways, though. Like, will a time portal open up and Eddie Gaedel will return to play this September for his bobblehead night in St. Louis? Here's to hoping.