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Tucker Barnhart could only watch as a ball went through the webbing of his glove

It's astounding how much easier a project can be when you have the proper tools to complete it. Similarly, a seemingly simple task can become almost impossible with defective or wrong tools. Tucker Barnhart learned this lesson the hard way during the seventh inning of the Reds' 11-4 win over the Giants Sunday.
With two outs in the top of the inning, Gorkys Hernandez hit a ball to Jose Peraza at shortstop. Though Peraza's throw to Barnhart at first was a bit low, it would have been a routine play with a working glove. Barnhart did not have a working glove: 

Instead of ending the inning, the glove malfunction allowed the Giants to score. Of course, Barnhart traded in that glove for one that didn't let balls go through the webbing.
"I didn't feel it go through my glove," Barnhart said after the game. "I looked down and I didn't have the ball in my glove and I saw the web was gone. It was just a freak accident for sure."
Since Sunday was only Barnhart's second professional start at first base, he doesn't even have his own first baseman's glove yet. With Joey Votto on the disabled list, he and his teammates have been borrowing Brandon Dixon's glove. As with clothes, it appears that second-hand gloves aren't as good as their brand new counterparts.