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Watch the Twins launch dingers on the streets of Minneapolis

For many baseball fans, their love and passion for the sport blossomed during childhood pickup games in their backyards or on the street outside their houses. Tuesday afternoon, the Twins channeled that wonderful, sandlot-type feeling by holding a special event in downtown Minneapolis dubbed "Twins Mall Ball" during which Twins players launched plastic baseballs off buildings.

A bunch of players were in attendance including All-Star pitcher José Berríos, shortstop Eduardo Escobar and final vote candidate Eddie Rosario. Some of the fans who showed up even got to take a few swings themselves, but the highlight of the event was definitely Fernando Rodney crushing a monster tater off an overpass against Kyle Gibson.

More teams should try to replicate this idea. Just imagine Noah Syndergaard smacking plastic baseballs off the Empire State Building or Madison Bumgarner hitting lasers up Lombard Street.