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The Twins turned a wacky 4-3-7-2 double play that ended with a play at the plate

Just because a play starts out looking routine, it doesn't necessarily mean it will end that way. The Twins and Brewers learned that lesson well in the first inning of Monday night's game when Brewers third baseman Travis Shaw hit a ground ball to second base with Jesus Aguilar on first. The Twins got the easy out at first, but wanted a double play ... and that's where the fun began.
After Joe Mauer's throw sailed into left-center field and past Eddie Rosario, it looked like the Twins' hopes for a double play were over. Little did we know they were simply executing the rare 4-3-7-2 variety:

Before other teams out there try their hand at incorporating this play into their repertoire, a word of caution: It really helps to have a left fielder with an arm like Rosario's to make it happen.