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After a battle cleaning his sunglasses, Joe Mauer coolly crushed a three-run homer

Joe Mauer had a big day on Friday.
Leading off for the Twins at Wrigley Field in their 10-6 loss to the Cubs, Mauer went 3-for-5 at the plate on a sunny afternoon. It was so sunny, in fact, that sunglasses were a must at the plate -- standard for afternoon games, after all. 
What wasn't standard was the struggle Mauer had with his shades in the second inning. Up 2-0 in the count against lefty Mike Montgomery, Mauer called time, stepped out and began de-smudging his glasses. But nope, still smudged. So he tried again ... and again, until he could actually see out of them. 
Then he swatted an opposite-field three-run homer into the left-field bleachers: 

What a difference, right? 
Take it away, Johnny Nash: 

"I was sweating all over them and had to wipe them off," Mauer told's Rhett Bollinger after the game. "It was a hot one out there, that's for sure."