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The Cardinals celebrated Tyler O'Neill's walk-off home run by ripping his shirt off

Cardinals rookie outfielder Tyler O'Neill has already been hyped as the strongest man in baseball and it's easy to see why. Even in a baseball uniform -- which are not known for highlighting upper-body muscles -- O'Neill's physique stands out among his peers. His dad was a professional bodybuilder, so there's clearly a gene for muscles in the O'Neill family.
On Saturday, O'Neill hit a walk-off home run off the Giants' Mark Melancon to lead the Cardinals to a 5-4 win and keep pace with the Brewers in the National League Wild Card race. To celebrate his clutch and powerful dinger, his teammates greeted him at home plate and quickly proceeded to rip off his jersey and undershirt to show the world just how strong their rookie is:

If the 414-foot home run and the video aren't proof enough of O'Neill's prodigious strength, here are some pictures to further prove the point:

Next time a pitcher considers challenging O'Neill at the plate, he may do well to consider this display.