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Tyler Saladino went slipping and sliding before making the throw from his stomach

Tyler Saladino appears to be a pretty big "Risky Business" fan. How else can you describe his best attempt at recreating Tom Cruise's socks-on-polished-linoleum move when he made this slipping and sliding play in the top of the second of the White Sox game against the Tigers on Friday
When José Iglesias hit a ground ball into shallow right, Saladino must have heard "Old Time Rock and Roll" in his head and took off for the ball. Only problem: His slipping and sliding led to a belly-flopped throw to first base. It somehow worked, though. 

The infielder told's Brian Brian Hedger after the game: 
"The slide for it was pretty regular, but maybe the humidity had the grass a little damp there. I went to get up and obviously wasn't quite able to. Luckily, I was able to just kind of get my arm up there and made a throw. I just got it off before I was about to fall completely face down."
Of course, perhaps Saladino is simply a huge fan of the Cruise oeuvre and that toss was in homage to "Cocktail."<o:p>