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The White Sox extend their lead in complicated group handshakes with some fake selfies

It started with Tyler Saladino . And now, like those Tamagotchis that quickly spread through the playground, the rest of the White Sox simply can't help themselves. 
Before the White Sox's 11-8 loss to the Tigers on Tuesday night, the Pale Hose unveiled their newest moves. First, Brett Lawrie and Jose Quintana pulled off the anime character-takes-a-selfie:

Then, Saladino and Tim Anderson workshopped their malfunctioning robots who found love. 

What could be next? Will we see more high octane, action movie-inspired handshakes, or perhaps the team will take a new tact with a slapstick comedy-inspired move? We'll just have to see what the creative geniuses holed up in their production office/clubhouse come out with next.