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Shohei Ohtani's mammoth home run had Tyler Skaggs dancing for joy

Shohei Ohtani isn't special simply because he can pitch and hit. He was one of the most exciting offseason additions because he has the potential to do both of these things so well that it leads people to whisper the name of Babe Ruth.
On Wednesday, Ohtani hit a home run that likely gave those whispering Ruth comparisons license to do so just a bit louder:

Ohtani's homer -- and the 5-2 lead it gave the Angels -- understandably brought joy to the team's starting pitcher, Tyler Skaggs. Like Ohtani, Skaggs has been doing more than just pitching. He's also been working on his flossing and is ready to take his moves on the road:

Who can blame Skaggs for being in good spirits after witnessing Ohtani's power? As Taj Mahal would put it, he was feeling so good, he could cakewalk into town.