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We have no idea how Gio Urshela made this perfect throw while falling to the ground backward

Analysts try their best to figure out the physics of baseball. There are statistics for everything these days, and it turns out that most results in a game are logical. It's wild that Pete Alonso can hit a ball 454 feet, but when you find out how hard he hit it -- sure, that makes sense.

That being said, I refuse to accept anything that even remotely attempts to explain how the Yankees' Gio Urshela pulled off this throw against the Red Sox on Tuesday night. I mean just look at this:

Nope. Does not compute. Nice try, video crew.

This footage has obviously been doctored. The stop itself was good enough, but to make that throw while looking like you were pushed over in the process? Preposterous.

I'm shocked, but the Yankees probably aren't. It wasn't so long ago that Urshela was putting on a defensive masterclass against them.

That firsthand experience unquestionably provided a high-quality scouting report.