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An Army rappel team delivered the first pitch at the Alamodome with a style that can't be matched

Friday's Rangers-Indians tilt took on a special element that helped it stand apart from the rest of the day's Spring Training schedule, since it took place at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

The change in venue from the Rangers' usual facility in Surprise, Ariz., brought with it some unique opportunities that wouldn't otherwise be something you'd see at the ballpark. 

The U.S. Army North Rappel Team descending from the rafters to deliver the first pitch is something that happened, and is also something you don't see very often. I mean, this is an image from a baseball game: 

It all made for some great visuals:

As for the actual first pitch, it was thrown by Brigadier General Jim Blackburn, who will be retiring soon. He seemed pretty thrilled with the experience:

The sight of a rappel team at the Alamodome has happened before, mind you. This was the scene in 2015 


Staging an exhibition game at the Alamodome also allows for some structural weirdness, such as when Mike Napoli's fly down the right-field line hit the "hanging scoreboard" and fell into the field of play, plating Nomar Mazara and counting as an RBI double: 

Again, this game is happening in San Antonio, not Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg.