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Justin Verlander dug deep into the archives to clap back at Vernon Wells on Twitter

Ok, here's a fun one. Remember Vernon Wells? A dynamic, fleet-footed center fielder, he was the best position player on the Blue Jays for the better part of a decade, but now he's co-running a winery with big league catcher Chris Iannetta and dropping truth bombs on his Twitter account.

On Monday, Wells took to the Twitter machine to throw some good-natured shade at a Justin Verlander highlight:

Verlander wasn't just going to take that heat lying down. The guy's a bulldog, on the mound and online, and he ferociously clapped back at Wells with an old highlight of him absolutely fooling the pants off the former Blue Jays star.

The whole back and forth was all in good fun and Wells tweeted out a text convo between the two showing that everything was copacetic. Kudos to Verlander for somehow digging up a nine-year-old video of a random pitch from a random game just to have some fun on the interwebs. Baseball players' memories never cease to amaze.