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Aly Raisman got some tips from Johnny Cueto before her first pitch for the Giants

Note to any celebrities, VIPs or omnipotent dogs interested in throwing out a first pitch at AT&T Park: The Giants will not let you take the mound unprepared. Before Kevin Durant threw out his first pitch on Friday, he got a pep talk from none other than Willie Mays. And when 2016 Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman was practicing for her turn on Saturday, she studied with someone who's gotten quite used to throwing pitches in San Francisco this year:
"I worked with Johnny Cueto," Raisman told "My throw out there was better than the one I did in the back. I was going crooked and hitting the wall."
Indeed, Raisman had high praise for Cueto's tutelage: "[Cueto's] so good," she said. "I said he should go out there and do it for me."
But he didn't, because Raisman has it down:

This wasn't Raisman's first ceremonial first pitch, of course -- remember when she gave David Ortiz the distinct privilege of holding all of her Olympic medals before her pitch in Boston? 
Hanging with All-Stars is just something that comes with the territory of being a world-caliber athlete. Not that Raisman is used to it yet:
"I didn't really expect to have the players care to meet me because we're not in Boston," she said. "So I still feel like I'm only known in Boston. It's crazy when I come here and the players introduce themselves and they know who I am."