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Corey Dickerson hits a home run clear out of the park and onto a rooftop

Corey Dickerson may not be playing in the thin air of Colorado anymore, but that's not stopping his power. Making his spring debut for the Rays on Thursday, Dickerson coiled his muscles and launched a massive home run off of the Orioles' Miguel Gonzalez, eventually having it land on the roof of the Charlotte Sports Park clubhouse building. Perhaps the best part is the announcer talking about how Dickerson isn't seeking home runs immediately before he launched the ball out. 

Of course, proving that chaos reigns, Dickerson admitted that he was actually shortening up his swing since there were two strikes on him.
"I was trying to shorten up some, two-strike approach," Dickerson said. "I kind of wanted to see some pitches my second time at bat. I felt like I got a good pitch to hit. I tried to be short to the ball, and it worked out."

If only all of us had the ability to hit a ball some 500 feet, rolling included, when shortening our swings. I'm pretty sure even if you attached rocket boosters to anything I've ever hit, and then simulated it in a gravity-free environment, it wouldn't have gone that far.