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David Ortiz wore a disguise and took a few lucky rideshare customers on a ride they'll never forget

Would you recognize your favorite baseball player if you were sitting right next to him and talking with him? Of course you would, right?
But what if he was wearing a hilarious wig and went by the fake name of "Donny"? A few lucky Bostonians had the opportunity to test their perceptiveness when their Lyft driver was a guy named "Donny" who looked suspiciously like another Bostonian named David Ortiz. Check it out for yourself:

Think u would recognize Papi? Think again!! Check out #UndercoverLyft where I surprise Lyft passengers around Boston...

Posted by David Ortiz on Wednesday, September 28, 2016

You can't say Ortiz didn't drop hints for his passengers. He performed his signature pre-at-bat routine in which he spits into each of his hands (and proved once and for all how utterly revolting that tradition is anywhere outside of a baseball field). He trash talked New York and complained about when people make him walk instead of letting him "drive" … Get it?! Because he's playing the role of a Lyft driver when his actual job is driving baseballs!
He went on to talk about the time he got to meet the president and even got his customers to talk about baseball and the Red Sox, setting up Ortiz's best one-liner in the whole clip:
Ortiz: "Do you know any of the players?"
Passenger: "David Ortiz. I like him. He's retiring, though. This is his last year. He's my favorite!"
O: "Is that right?"
P: "I have, like, two of his shirts that I wear."
O: "Actually all of my shirts are his shirts."
…Because he's David Ortiz!
Next time you order a ride from a driver service, make sure to take a close look at the driver seat. You never know who you might find sitting there.