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Didi Gregorius might be the next great artist of our generation

Didi Gregorius is a Renaissance man -- specifically, Leonardo da Vinci. Wait, hear us out -- we know artist comparisons are usually for pitchers (they paint the corners, you get it), but in this case, it really fits. Just like da Vinci, Didi has the favor of the nobility (he's a literal knight!) and is probably trying to invent an adding machine to keep track of the ball/strike count:

Oh, and da Vinci and Didi are both artists. During Sunday's Red Sox-Yankees game, Jessica Mendoza talked to the New York shortstop about his love of drawing: 

Watch the video above to get the full story. There are only two of Gregorius' drawings in it, but hopefully A-Rod will buy his whole ouevre, and then we'll be able to see it when he turns his house into a gallery.