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You haven't truly seen Edwin Encarnacion's walk-off until you've watched this Spanish broadcast

It took just nine Wild Card Games for the moment we've all been waiting for to arrive. In 2014, we watched a truly phenomenal matchup between the Royals and Athletics, which ended on a walk-off single by Salvador Perez. It was dramatic and exciting, but even that left us waiting for the inevitable ultimate Wild Card Game ender: the walk-off home run.

To complete the Blue Jays' 5-2 victory over the Orioles on Tuesday, Edwin Encarnacion delivered on the promise provided by the very existence of the Wild Card Game, and we now have the first walk-off home run in Wild Card Game history. It was everything we could've hoped for and more -- and, in the spirit of truly embracing the moment, it is absolutely imperative that you watch the Spanish-language broadcast of Encarnacion's blast up top and listen to the glorious call by ESPN's Jose Francisco Rivera.


Take a moment to breathe in that intoxicating excitement and energy, and then remind yourself that we still have four more weeks of Postseason baseball. Bring it on.